Google Glasses Soon To Be Unveiled Exclusively Before Software Developers

Google GlassesThe good news is that the much talked about futuristic Google Glasses will go public soon. The bad news is that only the developers who signed up for the Google Glass (Explorer Edition) back in the 2012 I/O convention for $1500 will get their hands on the glasses for now. Google spokesman has said that the company is excited and looking forward to the new ideas and development soon to be created by the developers.

Google has emailed invitations for two day long ‘hackathon’ events to the developers who already registered. The officials are calling this event the ‘The Glass Foundry’. Two of these events have been arranged. The first one will be held in San Francisco on January 28 and 29 and other one will take place in New York City on February 1 and 2.

Developers will come together and dive into two whole days full of hacking and experimenting on the Mirror API, the OS that runs the glasses. They’ll put their minds together for further development on this ambitious project.

It is being said that the first day includes an introduction to the glasses and its OS Mirror API followed by digging into Mirror API with Google engineers. The second day holds rounds of demos and other things. But it’s not specified that exactly when the developers will receive their glasses.

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