Nintendo All Set To Combine Handheld and Console Division Next Month


Nintendo is finally ready to merge its console and handheld units into one division, to begin on February 16, this year. This new unit will be working on next generation hardware. Reports by Nikkei and a confirmation to Nintendo by Engadget  suggest that this merger will allow to employ 150 handheld and 130 console engineers. They will work in a new facility, worth $340 million that is near the company’s headquarter in Kyoto. This facility will be completed by the end of 2013.

It is a huge change for Nintendo because the organization has altered its structure for the first time, after a decade. President, Hiroshi Yamauchi was replaced by Saturo Iwata  in 2002, who divided the company’s Research and Development units into entertainment, analysis and development teams.

Today’s news brings many rumors about reformation in the company — an indication of Shigeru Miyamoto to retire from his current, post, Nintendo’s EAD boss with Takashi Tezuka, EAD deputy manager ― taking his place. Miyamoto’s statement in 2011 gave rise to such speculations, when he said that Nintendo needs to be structured to work without him. Only time will tell if these rumors are true or mere speculations.

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One Response to "Nintendo All Set To Combine Handheld and Console Division Next Month"

  1. Jack Martin says:

    Interesting. I thought they were just merging console and handheld with the Wii U haha.

    I trust that Nintendo is making the right moves for themselves. They are always in the lead in my opinion, and their creativity and innovation might need a little shakeup to stay that way – change is good, not bad.

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