How To: Get The Latest Tech For 2013

2013 Top Tech PredictionsIt’s easy to get excited about some of the new technology expected to launch in 2013, because so much of it looks and sounds wonderful. There’s just that little niggling internal voice that comes to the fore every now and then questioning how to make it all affordable and how to responsibly dispose of older devices and gadgets. To help answer these questions, here are a few eco-friendly recycling ideas as well as a list of the latest must-have tech.

Four-in-one technology

The Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 must be the ultimate integrated high tech solution for 2013. The Lifebook consists of four separate devices that fit together into one combination package – laptop, tablet, camera and phone. The tablet becomes a touch-sensitive keyboard for the laptop and can also be used independently. The phone slides into a compartment at the bottom of the laptop, and the handheld digital camera fits neatly into a recess on the top. With a device that provides four new gadgets in one, existing independent laptops, cameras, phones and tablets will be redundant.

There are lots of companies that recycle old computers and phones for free, and while this is a useful way to get rid of stuff responsibly, it doesn’t provide owners with any monetary contribution to the cost of buying replacements. Another option is to sell my stuff for cash to offset the costs of new technology. It’s possible to do so online by visiting websites that buy CDs, DVDs and even clothes as well as electronic gadgets.

A new set of wheels

The debut of the electric ‘folding’ car in Europe is set to make everyone think again about eco-friendly motoring. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been working on the tiny two-seater electric car for some time – called the Hiroko, which means ‘urban car.’ It takes up one third of the parking space of ordinary cars and can travel for 75 miles before needing a recharge, so it’s perfect for city driving.

Naturally, most people aim to sell their old cars when buying a new model, and if the existing car is too old to be roadworthy any longer, there is always the opportunity to sell it for parts or scrap.

When is a phone not a phone?

The answer is: when it’s Google Glasses. This new technology from Google is already being tested in New York, and users say the glasses can do everything a mobile phone can do, except faster, so there is no need to take out and hold a mobile handset. The futuristic headset has a little screen for watching videos, reading email and playing games. Scrolling is done with the stroke of a finger on the side of the glasses. A recent patent application by Google suggests the company is considering introducing a control pad that can be projected onto a nearby surface by laser beam.

There’s no doubt that this imaginative tech development, if it comes to fruition, would have an impact on the mobile phone market – even as flexible smartphones are being created to replace the rigid devices we currently use. Probably best not to recycle the old spectacles just yet, though, as Google Glasses don’t aim to improve the wearer’s vision.

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