RIM To Show Off BlackBerry 10 Via Super Bowl Ad

Blackberry RIMThe Canadian tech giant, Research In Motion intends to unveil their latest gadget, the BlackBerry 10 via a commercial during the Super Bowl.

Today, RIM confirmed that the new OS will be revealed by a Super Bowl XLVII advertisement.

RIM hasn’t said much about the 30 second long commercial video and said that the ad will be broadcasted only in the U.S. and Canada.

Frank Boulben, the chief marketing officer at Research In Motion said that the Super Bowl is one of the grandest advertising stages of the year and millions of eyes will be watching. It is the perfect opportunity to present the rejuvenated BlackBerry ensuring the highest possible viewing.

The new OS will focus on easy to go social networking and fast gaming experience. The BlackBerry 10 is expected to bring about a whole new meaning to mobile app management and security for the BlackBerry devices.

Right now, the company is prepping for the grand release. On Wednesday, RIM made the ‘BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10’ available for downloading. The users will be able to get an idea of what’s about to come. New users are allowed to download a 60 day free of charge trial version and the old subscribers can go for the ‘free license exchange program’.

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  1. meta says:

    Good Write-Up. BB10 is too late IMO. ThankYou

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