Smartphone Sales In Q4 Goes Up To 36 Percent

SmartphoneSmartphone sales in the fourth quarter has grown more than 36% showing clear signs of the utter domination by the sleek and efficient devices worldwide. Smartphones have replaced other tech items for holiday gifts, supply shortage.

Analysis done by a reputed research firm, International Data Corporation, shows that the PC makers have taken a huge hit, since annual shipments went down by 3% from last year. The last annual decline goes back to 2001.

According to IDC more than 219 million Smartphone units were manufactured during the last 3 months of 2012 alone, calculating almost 45% of the total number of cell phones that were delivered to the market, the highest record.

The giant, Samsung rushed to the No. 1 phone maker spot floating on its wide range of Galaxy smartphones. The company alone made a shipment of 64 million devices marking a 29% share of the entire market. Apple with 48 million iPhones represents 22% market share.

Over the past year these two rivals were battling in court over copyright issues. But Samsung prevailed as the No.1 boasting wide ranged phones offering prices matched for all classes. On the other hand, the Chinese brand Huawei grabbed the No.3 spot by acquiring 5% market share.

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