Resident Evil 6: PC Version To Get Exclusive Updates


Capcom has confirmed the PC version of Resident Evil 6 will get an exclusive game extension ‘The Mercenaries: No Mercy’. An updated version of the classic Mercenaries mode, this new edition will have ‘more enemies than before’.

Resident Evil 6 for PC will be launched physically and digitally on March 22 this year in North America and Europe. It will have extra features that were offered for console versions.

The new features will include access to Ada Wong’s campaign and camera adjustment. Moreover, PC gamers will have an exclusive area on ResidentEvil.net to see and check their stats.

In addition, Capcom has announced Siege mode of Resident Evil 6 to be a part of Xbox 360 and PS 3, in March. Gamers will be able to download it for $4. Furthermore, Survivors, Predators and Onslaught add-ons of the game will make it to PS 3 in February. These features are already available for Xbox 360.

Another thing that Capcom revealed is all the expansions (Survivors, Predators, Onslaught and Siege) can be bought by PC players after March 22, while the future addition for “console Resident Evil 6” will be made available to PC gamers, free of cost.

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