Government Websites Infected With ‘Asteroids’ Game

Government Websites Infected  'Asteroids' GameThe shockwaves from the tragic death of the brilliant young programmer and internet activist Aaron Swartz are still hitting the government. The latest developing story tells us that angry hackers have taken over the ‘United States Sentencing Commission (USSC)’ website for the second time this week. This time the homepage was contaminated with a ready to play version of   the popular game ‘Asteroids’, which actually allows users to play the game on the site.

The hackers claimed unity with Anonymous, responsible for the previous attack. They threatened the government, talking about a confidential list of people under protection from the ‘Federal Witness Security Program’ and their intentions of releasing the list. Soon, the claim turned out to be a ruse.

Aaron Swartz was arrested for downloading academic documents; documents- the protestors claim should be free. He was convicted with a sentence of almost 50 years of jail time over four charges. At the age of 26, he hanged himself to death in his apartment located at Brooklyn.

Anonymous hacked into the MIT websites and also the ‘U.S. Department of Justice’ website to honor Swartz’s memory.

The attack started on last Friday but later the site was fixed on Saturday and then the attacks hit again. Till now the site is till unreachable.

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