Chinese Hackers Hit The New York Times

Chinese hackersYesterday, in a statement, the New York Times said that the paper has been under constant threat form Chinese hackers for the past 4 moths.

The hackers were after information regarding sources for a feature published last October in the Times. The story was about the assets and other possessions of Wen Jiabao, the prime minister of China. The attackers focused on the e-mail account of David Barboza, the paper’s bureau chief in Shanghai and Jim Yardley Times’ bureau chief in South Asia located in India. David Barboza previously worked as Times’ Shanghai bureau chief.

The paper said that the Wen Jiabao story was written based on the research done with the help of public records. Security firm, ‘Mandiant’ experts say that the evidence found doesn’t indicate any file related to Wen Jiabao piece was downloaded or copied. Customer information was not compromised.

The attacker has planted 45 viruses and malwares. Mandiant thinks that anyone opening an attachment could let the virus get into the system.

The attacks started last September 13th. On the 25th October, the very next day the Wen Jiabao article was published. AT&T notified the officials of activities similar to Chinese hackers. Both AT&T and the TIMES’ failed to remove the threats and later called for Mandi

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