Google Finances French Digital Publishers

GoogleYesterday, Google pronounced two new programs to develop the French digital media industry. The first initiative focuses on donating $82 million to the French ‘Digital Publishing Innovation Fund’ to rejuvenate the sector and the second one aim to increase the publisher’s revenue stream.

The contract was signed by Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt and the Francois Hollande, the president of France. The agreement sates that Google will finance and work together to build up an internet based French media and will also help design actions to pump up their revenue flow.

Eric Schmidt said that the Google- French media deal is a symbol of a partnership bringing business and technology on the same page stimulating digital innovation and benefitting consumers, the partners and above all, the world wide web.

Schmidt didn’t mention about any settlement regarding the case made by the French news publishers accusing Google of violating copyright laws by using links to news articles without authorization. Google made a similar contract with the newspaper publishers in Belgium, which ended a six year lawsuit.

Recently, EU accused Google of taking unfair advantage of its dominance and blocking market rivals to make way for its own services. Google has submitted papers to resolve this issue immediately.

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