Nokia Granted Billion Dollar Finding For Developing Graphene

GrapheneNokia is in charge of an affiliation of tech companies that is committed to find out more about Graphene, “the strongest substance ever produced” and to run the project Nokia and its partners have received a fund of $1.35 billion from the European Union.

Graphene has a 2D structure with the thickness of only an atom. It is the hardest matter ever made by human with strength more than 300 times than the regular steel. Graphene is also an excellent conductor for electricity.

Tapani Ryhanen, chief of Nokia’s ‘Sensor and Material Technologies Lab’ explained the possibilities for Graphene saying that Graphene could be the successor of Silicon, responsible for the digital and cyber revolution. Tapani also said that products made totally out of Graphene might not be a possibility, but development using Graphene is of great potential.

For a year and a half these companies have worked relentlessly to establish a fruitful network with the EU and this grant is the sweet result. Now they have all the ingredients in place to go for the nest tech revolution.

EVP and CTO of Nokia, Henry Tirri said that the company has been working with Graphene since 2006. Until now most of the work had been in the experimental stage. Graphene has very strong potential to develop practical applications like lightweight, thin and strong displays with super flexibility, solar panels and electric circuits.


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