Nokia Might Enter The Tablet Industry

Nokia Tablet IndustrySoon, Nokia is to engage into the extremely crucial tablet market, the company CEO, Stephen Elop said.

Yesterday, in Sydney, Elop told the reporters that Nokia is looking closely into the global tablet industry and the technology available. Nokia intends to explore beyond the Lumia smart phone lineup and take a bite from the tablet PC market. As Microsoft released its Surface pro, Elop leaned to the Windows 8 when the OS question was thrown.

But he also left the situation dangling by hesitating to rule out the Android option completely.

Still, considering Nokia’s affiliation with Microsoft, a Windows Tab is a logical choice. This is of many occasions when Nokia has revealed hints of upcoming tablet devices. So far only rumors, no tangible device yet has been released. But recent talks by Elop have drawn attention of the other tablet computer manufacturers.

As the rumors go, there is a slight possibility of Nokia releasing a Windows RT Tab this year. If such reports turn out to be true, we get to see a tablet with a 10.1 inch display that comes with a detachable keyboard cover prepared to run on its own battery. The device would also offer USB and HDMI ports.

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