HTC Teases Upcoming Smartphone

HTC website count down clock If you enter the HTC website, a count down clock will appear marking the day of HTC’s next big smart phone’s arrival. The clock is set to build up excitement and anticipation for the company’s next flagship phone, rumored as M7 among the consumer world.

The Taiwanese tech giant is holding an event next week aiming to reveal their latest smart phone which is claimed to be able to provide a “new sound and camera experience”. The company hasn’t made anything public yet. The HTC blog says that the phone will offer mind blowing video resolution and perfect picture balance along with crystal clear sound.

Currently, HTC is struggling hard to gain anything from the smart phone market crucially dominated by Samsung and Apple. At the beginning of the Android era HTC was one of the top players. Soon, Samsung came charging with its Galaxy S lineup.

HTC too started its own ‘One’ series featuring phones like One X, One X+. Also, to attract other carriers and consumers HTC released Evo 4G LTE, Droid DNA and J Butterfly, but failed to win the consumer’s heart.  Now, the company is trying hard to regain its good days by capitalizing on this much talked about M7.

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