Intel’s Looking Into Online TV

Intel Online TVThis year, world’s biggest chip maker, Intel Corp. intends to launch an online TV service. The TV service will feature live programs as well as on demand contents. Intel is entering into an extremely competitive industry.

General Manager and Vice President at Intel Media, Erik Huggers say that Intel is entering a race with big guns like Apple, Google and Amazon. But Intel believes that the $100 billion market could use some change.

About the development of the project, Huggers said that hundreds of company employees were supplied with a prototype TV box and researchers are maintaining close observation and evaluating the feedbacks. For the question of ‘content deals’, Huggers said he was negotiating with service providers and shoe runners.

If Intel’s plan hit the mark, something revolutionary will appear. Intel TV will allow customers create their own programs or bundle and share those online. The TV equipment comes with a camera and programs installed that can determine various people’s choices, as Huggers said.

Intel is entering into the online TV industry, grasping beyond the PC and smart phone world. Intel has been trying to get into the online TV market for quite some time now. But objection from leading service providers have hindered the way sometimes. Right now the market is dominated by Apple, Netflix, Google, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Co. and other competitors.

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