Xseed Rolls Out First Mobile Platform Game on Android


Famous gaming developing company “Xseed” rolled out its first ever mobile game on android, on 1st March. The game is known as “Ark of the Ages”. The developer has been in the gaming market for a while now, making some notable titles for platforms like 3DS, PSP and PS Vita. The company is best known for making RPGs and “Arc of the Ages” too, comes to us as a RPG. It is currently only available on Android, though, an iPhone version is promised by the developer to be released soon. The game costs around $ 1.99 on Google Play Store, you can check it out here.

Talking about the game itself, it features the player being a knight who investigates mysterious happenings in a village close to “The Dark Tower”. He ultimately fights to reclaim the legacy of the “Great Mage Sorienz” engaging in exciting battles, exploring castles and dungeons. It has a 3D environment and the graphics aren’t too bad, considering this is the first game by the developer. The combat is similar to games like Infinity Blade, with swipe-screen fighting. It features controlling the player through two virtual analog sticks. The game also features upgrading through IAP(In app purchases) to help progress in the game. Ark of the Ages also has social integration in the form of GREE, a system devised by the developer.

Overall, Ark of the Ages is a nifty game, however, there is much room for  improvement. Is this a smart move by the developer or not, only the time will tell. Although, the choice to now work on mobile platforms does open up an array of work and opportunity for the developer, with mobile gaming blooming more than ever. The company has claimed to be focusing on mobile games and hopes to release many innovative titles in the next year, on mobile platforms.

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