Google Voice is Now Open For All US People

Google Voice for USNow Google has opened its  telephony management application Google Voice to all U.S. residents, as the leading company yesterday eliminated the condition for its potential users to collect an invitation to become eligible to sign up for the service.

Already more than 1 million people have signed in with Google Voice accounts. The user can avail various cool calling features lie international calling facilities SMS to emails, voicemail sharing, and conference calling etc. you can even use Google Voice with your current mobile phone number. Though you won’t avail all the facilities that a Google number offers, but you can definitely enjoy Google Voicemail, low priced international calling, and several other practical features. It also offers voicemail message transcription.

According to IDC analyst Al Hilwa, Google Voice as a counter attempt by the company to compete against Skype and attract millions of people who are currently using IP-based voice services. These amazing features are also available on Blackberry, Android and Apple iphones. You just need to download this app from google.com/voice to access Google Voice depending on which smartphone device you are using at present.

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