Amazon Kindle Fire Sees Price Cut

Amazon Kindle Fire On Wednesday, Amazon announced a price cut on its tablet Kindle Fire in an effort to hand out as many tablets as possible. Market talks suggest that such a move came along as 2012 was a slow year for the Kindle tablets.

The 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD Wi-Fi version now costs $269 compared to previous $299 price tag and its 4G wireless version is now priced at $399, down from previous $499 mark.

Amazon’s recent plans for European markets such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France and United Kingdom along with Japan include bigger tablets.

Amazon’s Kindle Department President, Dave Limp said that Amazon has pumped up production aiming for big overseas launching programs. Also, the production cost is now low, and Amazon is passing the benefits to the consumers. Although, Amazon’s biggest revenue come from the purchases made through the tablets.

Market analysts at Chad Bartley say that due to a slow 2012, specially, for the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire, Amazon is trying to boost sales on the first quarter which is a slow period for tech products. Also, Amazon is ready to launch new products by the second quarter which will ensure a massive scaled sale after summer and during the holidays.

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