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Playing games has always been the top most favorable activity of kids of all times, and this interest got a boost after the introduction of new technology  for the gaming field. From wooden toys to outdoor games and from arcade video games to 3D game interfaces, the world of gaming has changed a lot, bringing along so much new to offer and win the attention of not just kids, but adults as well.

Ninjas were never thought to be something right for the youngsters as they were covert agents in mercenaries of medieval era. It was after the launch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) on UK television screens that they became heroes for kids of those times.

mzl.yobeyoia.320x480-75Lately, times changed and so did Ninja Turtles. The new Mini Ninjas (Square Enix, iOS, 69p), first introduced in 2009 to extol consoles was an adventurous cartoon intended for the youngsters. The Mini Ninja series is now available on iPhone allowing the player to jump with a hit on the screen’s left side, to attack with a hit on the right and aim to reach at the maximum possible level by gathering coins and power enhancing ingredients for the character.

A computer-animated American film “Toy Story” (1995) produced by Pixar Films is now launched on small screens for kids to have more fun with their favorite characters. Even though the foreground details occasionally make it difficult to identify a jump over the hindrance or to collect the items, still the responsive controls make it a fine exemplar of its kind.

unnamedTo join the Disney Pixar “Toy Story” squad on their newest quest in outer space chasing aliens and much more, Toy Story: Smash It! (Walt Disney, 69p, Android) is a 3D puzzle game with 60 levels of puzzle play. The game is apparently designed for kids who can now control Buzz Lightyear to reach the aliens by throwing balls on roughly-built forts to tumble them. With smooth and precise controls and awesome graphics, the game offers fun to its players and is considered one of the best games of its kind so far.


packshot_enLately, 2D motocross games are becoming popular among boys who want to enjoy the fun of motor biking. Urban Trial Freestyle gives biking experience to the PlayStation platforms offering basic controls to its player. Like real motor bikes, the game has features to accelerate the bike; apply the brakes or even move the vehicle forward and backward. The game also offers ramps, jumps and loop tracks for players to frame their path. Though, the scenery is needed to be improved, it is still worthy to experience both for new comers as well as Urban Trial Freestyle fans.

Ragnarok Odyssey originated from Korea in the form of comic books and then reproduced as animated form in Japan, belongs to a major cross-media group. This role playing game is the newest jaunt of the series released on February 20, 2013. The game offers different playing modes from single to multiple as well as online multiplayer.

To play the game, a player needs not have any prior knowledge. Once the player creates his/her avatar from the given customization options, s/he’s placed as a new recruit mercenary into the game world. The story is generally a representative of the imaginative fashioned bobbins; however, having many elements from Norse mythology, Ragnarok considers more real as compared to its peers.

In Odyssey, the operations are generally carried out by collecting resources or killing the enemies. The conciseness of quests offered and the character authorization make the game most favorable among the game leagues.

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