Lego Meets Marvel


So, after venturing into several franchises, Lego has finally decided to create its game of Marvel super heroes. Now, this game is actually better than the ones that have been produced by the franchise in recent years. Better yet, this game also offers excellent graphics, full dialogues and popular venues that have been mentioned by Marvel time and again. This also includes Tony Stark’s office and most of New York’s metropolitan areas. Most fans were obviously outraged by Lego’s decision to take this up as a project; however, they were surprised to know that this was actually one of the better games that have been produced in recent years.

Moreover, the full dialogue plan is more or less, super original. The voice overlays are in the same fashion; for example, Tony Stark’s shrewd remarks, coupled with Spiderman’s voice and the Hulk’s grunts are all spectacular! Moreover, Lego has added in its own touch by introducing newer stories which will allow gamers to divulge in a whole new level of Marvel. However, while you may think the graphics aren’t up to your expectations, you will find that the story outline complements it just perfectly and therefore, you will most definitely enjoy the Lego legacy that has seeped into the Marvel world.

However, the most favorite Marvel character for fans has to be The Hulk. His incredible moves allow gamers to have a vast experience, and the different methods of gaming such as controlling Sandman etc, have enticed many Marvel enthusiasts to go for the game, no matter what. A preview was recently shown at the Game Developers Conference. The different platforms are inherently easier to access and therefore, every Marvel fan can enjoy the brilliant game Lego has added to the Marvel legacy.

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