FIFA 14: New Features Revealed


The FIFA series looks for improvements every year, and this time they focus to “build-up play”, along with other minor changes.

EA says, it wants to make the ball movement from the midfield till the goal post more realistic and satisfying. Making changes to the look and feel of the shot will definitely lead to some very good-looking goals ― revamped ball-physics and improved dribbling will give a more realistic feel. Additionally, features like “Protect the Ball” will give gamers the ability to slow down a player with the ease of pressing a button only.

While the shooting mechanics remain the same, “Pure Shot” is a new feature which changes how the shot will look like while the ball is being approached ― this is an attempt to make the goal look more amazing than ever before. Instead of being wide and underpowered, shots might just result in a stumble and put the players in a very awkward position, teaching them to reconsider where to place the ball or whether or not they should rush their shots next time.

Building up on the idea of “Real Ball Physics”, it will change the way the ball moves in the air after a shot or cross, however like Pure Shot, the crossing and shooting mechanics stay the same, with a focus on making the goal look more rewarding.

“Protect the Ball” is the biggest change in the controls, enabling gamers to slow down the player, and as the name suggests, protect the ball. Producer Nick Channon said that “The feature made the game a bit like a racing game, with the sprint acting as the acceleration and the new feature acting as the brake.” It was present in previous versions of the game, but was only possible through pressing buttons in combination, making it extremely impractical.

Getting along with other features is the “Improved Teammate Intelligence” which will again make the game experience better and more realistic. It also claims to fix the irregular behavior of players in the previous games. Defenders will now pay more attention to the off-ball players, making passing more difficult.
The game will also offer a new career mode UI which is cleaner than the previous ones, and strangely similar to the Xbox dashboard.

FIFA 14 shows promise and is sure to be a must-play title after significant improvements. Till date it has only been confirmed for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3; though, support for next-gen consoles is also expected.

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