Microsoft to Drop Price of the Xbox 360 to $99


Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen has surely created some buzz around the internet, with questions about its price, form-factor, optical drive and even its name arising all over the internet. Will it play blu-ray? Will it require an internet connection? How much RAM will it have? All are some common questions about the next Xbox. It is suspected that the console will be announced in late May. All of that aside, there are some speculations that the price of Xbox 360 could drop dramatically to as low as $99, which makes it threatening for a ton of media devices.

This price which is on par with a certain open source gaming console running on android, OUYA, will really give Microsoft a chance to retain sales for the Xbox 360. Will the OUYA stand a chance against the complete gaming console with thousands of games already available for the Xbox 360 and OUYA lacking games that define the console?

On top of that it would put the price right next to set-top boxes such as the Apple TV and the highest end Roku. Even if extra charges for subscription are added to Xbox Live to unlock streaming services such as netflix, hulu and a lot of others, the ability to play video games and run DVDs on Xbox will really give it an edge over all of its set top box competitors.

Even though some people might take a cheaper option and go for the Apple TV or Roku to get away from subscribing to Xbox Live, this would definitely help Microsoft by attracting consumers looking for a cheap home entertainment system which possesses various abilities such as playing games and DVD movies, streaming and even some light web-browsing, for under $150 and would bring in a lot of business for Microsoft.

Be aware, although this is a speculation, that could just be false, if you’re planning to buy an Xbox, OUYA, Apple TV, Roku or anything similar, it’s better to wait till May to really know the plan of Microsoft. Nonetheless, it may seem a long wait, you might just end up getting a better product for your money or even save some money by getting a cheap Xbox. This is really a smart move from Microsoft, giving itself a chance to continue sales of the Xbox 360 alongside the next-gen console.

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