Walking Zombies for Android Review


While browsing Google Play Store, I came across what looked like a nifty hack n slash action game where you get to kill zombies in the most imaginative of ways. Walking Zombies is developed by LEFTBLANK games, who were relatively unknown to me, but I decided to give it a go. Walking Zombies is free for download and does not occupy that much disk space. Judging by the size and relatively unknown developer, I wasn’t expecting the game to be this detailed.

The graphics are a bit juvenile but that only adds to over the top fun aspect of the game. The game starts off putting you smack in the middle of a zombie rush with a few weapons to fend off the undead horde. Playing on my android smartphone I found the controls responsive and conveniently mapped. Everything was touch based, from moving my character to picking up health, guns and attacking. The most pleasant feature I found was the game’s ability to start off from the point where I had left it last time, means not playing any levels from the start.

There’s a comprehensive leveling up system which unlocks new items and zombies. You can attain the new goodies by combo killing a few corpses either by shooting, blowing them up or hacking them to pieces using your chainsaw. The unlockable items include the ability to call in a military airplane or a chopper for a missile strike when things get a bit overwhelming. But, perhaps the best part is that game is totally devoid of any annoying advertisements, which free for download games mostly have.

Walking Zombies is a fun filled, enjoyable and immersive game that would definitely keep you entertained for hours at a time. I would highly recommend it to those who are looking for a free game devoid of glitches and over the top fun.

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