DriveClub to Take Full Advantage of PS4’s Technology


DriveClub by Evolution Studios; which is an exclusive to PS4 created a lot of hype at the E3 2013. Not only was a hands-on demo available for people who attended the event, Evolution Studios also held a 25-minute conference; the spokesperson revealed many details about the game. Evolution Studios director, Col Rodgers, praised PS4, and said that the console opened up many new possibilities for them to explore.
Rodgers said that the PS4 offers unmatchable graphical accuracy, which is far better than any other console available, and he was really proud to make use of the next-gen console by Sony. He stated that many things in the game, such as the accurate simulated clouds, are randomly chosen every time we play the game. The game shall feature mechanics allowing certain locations at specific times to appear exactly as in real life, he added.
Rodgers even explained some innovative features present in the game; it includes an interesting mode where gameplay would revolve around team racing.
He mentioned that they have mapped the stars according to how they appear in the sky, thus adding realism into the game, “The studio is looking for absolute realism and are paying attention to every small little detail.” Rodgers also told everyone about his passion for cars, which he has tried to display in the upcoming game. The lead car artist, Neon, rejected a car model just because a wrong sized screw was used under the floor mats. He said that he wants everything to be perfect so that the players get a flawless gaming experience.
Later he emphasized on PS4’s capabilities; a major reason they have been able to manage an amazing game.
The amount of attention given to the game till date is just phenomenal and if Evolution Studios succeed in maintaining this kind of discipline in the entire development process, the game is sure to be one of the best racing games ever! Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, it will be released in the fourth quarter of 2013 for PS4, . A stripped down version with less cars and tracks will be also be available for free to PS+ subscribers.
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