The Last PS2 Game Marks the End of an Era


With over 150 million console sales, 2000 games, 1.52 billion game sales, and 12 years of support, PS2 so far has been the biggest success in the video gaming industry. Sony stopped its production in January 13, but the developers kept making games for the console.

The last PS2 game, EA Sports FIFA 14, will end the longest running console’s cycle as Sony prepares to launch the latest addition in its PlayStation series, the PS4. The last game for PS2 will release in September 2013.PS2 had to face off against multiple challengers; Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo’s GameCube and Sega’s Dreamcast were all very capable machines, but PS2 had a major advantage ― gamers trusted the PlayStation brand.

Sega had already been facing difficulties with its console business, and PS2’s popularity contributed in its downfall. Sega failed to compete with Sony on the marketing front, and struggled to explain what the benefits of owning a Dreamcast were.

While analysts concluded that Xbox and GameCube were more powerful and games looked better on them, they still believed PS2 would win the console war. This was because of its head start, large install base and a built-in DVD player which seemed very attractive in 2000.

PS2 was developer-friendly which led to the creation of some great games. Games like God of War and GTA San Andreas made it far more appealing. Gamers would often choose it over other consoles because of the price value as well as the game library’s size. Resident Evil 4, one of the best games of all time, was a selling point of GameCube, but the developers ported it to PS2, erasing the need of buying a GameCube altogether.

The ability to attract third-party publishers gave it an edge over other competitors. A 2000 plus games library with strong exclusives, and almost every third-party game published in that generation, while the only reason to buy an Xbox or GameCube was Microsoft and Nintendo published games.

The last game for PlayStation 22 ends an era where HD graphics were still a dream and online console gaming was troubled. The industry has evolved from that age, and new consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 are delivering lifelike graphics with realistic AI. Online gaming is now almost at par with the PC.


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