The Last of Us – One of the Finest Survival Horror Games Out There

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Naughty Dog has a history of providing strong exclusives for most of Sony’s consoles since the release of the PlayStation, and it looks to expand upon it with its latest game, The Last of Us. With a steady start of more than 3.4 million copies being sold in the first three weeks, The Last of Us seems to be doing well in the market. The action-adventure game has been developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released exclusively for PS3 on June 14, 2013.


The game is set in a post-apocalyptic United States in 2033, when a virus infects and mutates the majority of the population. The game’s story focuses on Joel, who travels across the country to escort a young girl named Ellie to a resistance called “The Fireflies”, who believe that Ellie may be the answer to curing the infection.


Players take control of Joel for the majority of the game, with Ellie being controlled by AI. Later in the game, the player switches control quite often. The game involves melee combat, gun fighting and a cover system, while players have to fight off infected, and the hostile uninfected humans such as bandits and cannibals. A feature called “Dynamic Stealth” allows them to use different strategies and techniques when faced with new situations.

As the game moves on, Joel and Ellie use many ranged and melee weapons to help them defeat their enemies, and get through to new levels. These include long weapons, i.e. rifles, shotguns and bows, along with short weapons including revolvers and pistols. Many degradable melee weapons can also be gathered from the environment such as baseball bats, metal pipes and planks.

images (3)The game contains a ‘crafting’ system letting players craft new items with recipes that they have gathered throughout the game. This system allows them to create various items through previously worthless items, i.e. broken razor blades and discarded towels. Many item combinations can make multiple products, leaving players decide which one they want to create. Crafting happens in real-time, meaning that the game does not pause the players while they are doing so. This leads them to think before crafting such that they aren’t attacked by the enemies while the process goes on.

Players can collect multiple tool boxes and parts which allow upgrading their arms at various workbenches spread across the game world. Players may upgrade things like recoil rate, damage and range as well as increase the size of the health bar, and speed up tasks such as crafting. It can be done by updating their physical abilities with the use of pills and medicinal plants.


With its intense gameplay, amazing graphics and realistic action, Last of Us is definitely one of the best titles for PS3! Its plot, sounds and environment are immersive. It is a must-play for all action-adventure lovers!

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