Remember Me: Capcom’s Latest Masterpiece


It seems Capcom will maintain its award-winning spree as it has come with yet another great title ― a new action-adventure game ― Remember Me. Capcom has created some of the best titles in the gaming industry, and it will definitely be interesting to see what it has come up with this time. The game has been developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom. It was released in June 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC


The game is set in the year 2084, in Neo-Paris ― a futuristic version of today’s Paris. The Memorize Corporation has developed a new brain implant known as the “Sensation Engine” that allows people to upload and share their memories on the internet, and even erase unhappy or unpleasant memories. With more than 99% of people using it, this gives Memorize Corporation a lot of power, enabling them to establish a surveillance state. This leads to the creation of a small group of rebels who call themselves “Errorists”. The Errorists try to bring down Memorize and it is their primary goal. The invention of the Sensation Engine has led to memory-addicted humans who have absorbed so many memories that their Sensation Engine has been degraded. These degraded humans are called ‘Leapers’, and live in the sewers of Neo-Paris.

The game begins as Nilin, an Errorist imprisoned by Memorize, almost has her memory wiped out. As the last of her memories are left, a mysterious man called Edge, the leader of the Errorists, helps her escape. Nilin then does various missions for Errorists as she slowly regains her memory.


Remember Me features exploring, melee combat and platforming, and introduces some new mechanics such as “memory remixing” which allows the player to enter and rearrange a targets memories to manipulate them. Another very major gameplay element is stealing memories from certain targets and using special points called “Remembranes” to replay the memory. This is used in the game to progress the story and avoid hazards hidden from the player. If the player’s health is low while trying to play a memory, the screen will glitch until the player has enough memory.

The title’s combat is pretty straightforward; you can create move combos of four different families of fighting moves called “Pressens”. This can be done in the Combo Lab. Players can reorganize Pressens by creating chains, and more Pressens can be unlocked by gaining PMP (Procedural Master Power). Up to four combos of Pressens can be active at once. The four families of Pressens are “Regen”, “Chain”, “Cooldown” and “Power”. Special moves called S-Pressens enable the player to perform various things, i.e. stunning a group of enemies, moving at high speeds and landing more hits. Players also get access to multiple weapons that use projectiles.


Remember Me has all the elements that make a great game; gameplay is fun, has an interesting storyline along with great graphics. The use of the Unreal Engine also helps as it enables fluid movements. This game is a must-buy for all action-adventure fans!


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