Google Adds New Security Features to Android


Google works hard to prevent Android hacking with every new release of its Operating System and the same goes for Android 4.3, which introduces more than five new security features. The new security enhancements ensure better protection against malicious software.

Android now incorporates SELinux into its system to reduce the damage done by malicious apps and games. One of the new features is the addition of KeyChains and Keystore providers which restrict downloads by hackers even the device has been exploited.

In all Linux based operating systems including Android, applications can gain “root access” if the binary has been marked by a setuid flag. The new version of Android is configured in such a way that even the flagged applications do not have permission to carry out setuid functionality. This reduces the possibility of malicious software to exploit vulnerabilities in the system.

The OS now lets developers make apps that can connect to safer WPA2 Enterprise networks. Some new security features for older Android versions (great than 2.3+ version) have also been announced. The “Verify Apps” feature from Android 4.2 has been integrated into Google Play Services, making it available for most versions of the OS. The new Android Device Manager can help in tracking lost devices and track, block or erase data on the phone.

For an average user, this means that their device is now safer and less prone to malicious software.


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