Microsoft Being Sued For False Claims


Buying tablets isn’t easy these days, not because of any accessibility issues, but due to the amount of choices out there. There’s no single product that can take over the market. However, the case with Microsoft is different; it is now being sued by its investors for forging false sales information about the Windows Surface RT.

This may hardly be a surprise to anyone, when I say Windows RT tablet hasn’t really hit gold when it came for sale. While a great tablet on its own, RT has been ignored by many buyers either for a slightly higher price tag or because of better alternatives like iPad and Android-based tabs.

Even though Surface RT has had major price cuts from its original value to provide users with incentives to buy the tablet, it still hasn’t been reaching its target causing Microsoft millions for the discounts alone. Moreover, the company has been excessively building stock without having enough demand which has led them with a few million unsold RTs.

The current lawsuit on Microsoft’s doorstep claims that they had been reporting falsely of the product’s market value for three months since April 2013, while also manufacturing unnecessary stock, leaving investors with high losses. The stakeholders, which include various global firms, are demanding for Microsoft to pay up.

The fate of the case is yet to be decided, though, Microsoft has been quiet about it. It seems that the software giant is more focused on its second generation tablet than the lawsuits, giving it less attention.

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