Skype Likely To Launch 3D Video Calling With PS4 Support

_69530477_glassesOn its tenth anniversary, Skype has gifted its users with an interesting wire that it’s going to launch its 3D calling program in the coming years. In an exclusive interview to BBC, the Skype’s official confirmed the speculations in the media amid an advert by Skype in April saying that Skype wants to create “body-doubles” for workers unable to travel to meetings.

3D video calling will have the capability of 3D-screens and 3D-capture along with viewing the chat mate from every angle, thus offering a plethora of features to experience a real time interaction, which has already been manifested efficiently by Skype

It has also been hinted by the Skype authorities that there will be PS4 support along with the 3D video calling feature. Skype has been testing 1080p “super-high definition” video call resolution with other devices since the news about forthcoming Xbox One video game console and PS4 started circulating. However, talks are in progress with Microsoft to enhance the cross platform support with Skype for real time calling. The Cloud support of PS4 will largely facilitate the integration between the two tech giants.

Mr. Gillet said that there is a pronounced need of getting back in business amid the excessive penetration of other services for mobile communication like What’s App, Viber and Hangout.


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