Xbox 360 Retains its Supremacy despite the Increasing Popularity of Nintendo 3DS


Despite the fact that Nintendo 3DS handheld video game player was the best-selling game console of August, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 remains the most popular one in the US for the third straight year.

The game lovers in the US are showing clear interest and inclination towards handheld video games, which is the reason why Nintendo 3DS is getting so much appreciation in the market. Xbox 360, however, is a conventional video game, the sort Microsoft has been producing for quite some time now.

The handheld video games like 3DS are getting popular among the teenagers, but according to reports, grownups still prefer the traditional Microsoft video game as they have played it for many years now and they are probably used to the specific patterns.

It is going to be extremely tough for any other company to compete against Microsoft as it possesses millions of fans in all parts of the globe. However, taking into account the ever-increasing number of handheld game lovers, it appears as if retaining its supremacy in the gaming world will become a challenge for Microsoft in the coming years.

It remains to be seen if the loyal gamers of Xbox 360 will remain committed to Microsoft in future or they will also adjust to the changing trends.


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