Get your iPad replaced with a Windows Surface Tablet and Get $200


In a desperate attempt to sell their Windows Surface Tablet, Microsoft has offered the potential customers to exchange an iPad with the tablet and get $200 with that.

According to most analysts, the Windows tablet is among the biggest ever flops of Microsoft like the Bing search engine, the Zune MP3 player and the Windows Phone. Taking into account the poor sale of the tablet, Microsoft has sold just a little fewer than two million Surface tablets in the last year, while Apple sold almost three million iPads within the opening three days of the model in November, 2012.

If you decide to replace your iPad with a Windows Surface Tablet, you will get a $200 gift card which can be used on Microsoft stores. It needs to be mentioned that a user would have to visit a Microsoft store with the iPad and would not be able to replace it online.

As a result of the poor sales, Microsoft’s warehouses are full of unsold Surface Tablets. However, they have adopted this new technique and only time will tell if it is effective or not.

Van Baker, a renowned technology analyst, believes that the app ecosystem of Microsoft is not up to the mark and even this frantic attempt to enhance the sales will not work for the company.

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