Kindle’s Human Tech Support now Available


Kindle tablets will now feature a retro button which will be used to call a human tech on screen to guide a user through any of Kindle’s processes. The human face can be placed anywhere on the screen so that it doesn’t interfere with a user’s current work.

With the click of a button, users will get a friendly Amazon customer support person in a separate window. They can then immediately ask questions to which he/she will have to respond. The customer support person will be able to draw arrows and place marks on the tablets screen which are meant to guide users. If a user still struggles, the representative can take full control of the device to get the job done.

This automatic online assistant app is considered better than forums by many. The addition also highlights the advancement in AI by creating a full interaction between human and machine. A person will have 800 faces inside the application, so users don’t need to worry about getting bored by seeing the same face over and over again. Of course, no face to face interaction takes place but Kindle users will have an AI that will guide them almost instantly and even do their work if they cannot do it themselves.


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