Bill Gates Confesses ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ Was Not a Good Move


Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft, has admitted that the ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ means of logging into your Windows PC was not a good move; however, he maintains that it was done with a very good intention. During his interview at the Harvard University last week, Gates made it clear that the three-finger combination was introduced only for security reasons.

The 57-year-old legendary programmer expressed that when a user turns on a computer, he/she will see a screen to type the password in and Microsoft wanted a user to signal to a software through the keyboard and at that time they felt the three-finger option was the best as it will enhance the overall level of data security.

Gates also revealed that at times he regrets dropping out of Harvard University in his keenness to launch Microsoft. The revolutionary businessman feels that it would not have mattered much had he waited for a couple of years, while allowing himself to complete his education at one of the most prestigious universities of the world. The founder of Microsoft further added that he was never good at Mathematics, his original major.

In a humorous manner, he also took credit for convincing Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook chief executive, to drop out as well.


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