Apple Helps T-Mobile Enhance Its Sales


Having become a trendsetter in the world of information technology, iPhone is not just providing exceptional sales to Apple but it is also helping the struggling carriers to stand on their feet once again. According to a report issued by Kantar World Panel last week, Apple’s latest flagship device has immensely helped T-Mobile enhance its sales.

It needs to be mentioned that T-Mobile was struggling to generate enough business in recent times and there were question marks hanging over the future of the company.

Apart from rebranding their services as an ‘UNcarrier’, T-Mobiles launched the iPhone on its network earlier this year with no contract service. This strategy helped the company boost its sales and its shares in the US market have notched up to 13.2 percent in the last three months, which is considerable improvement.

The report issued by Kantar World Panel seconds the previous reports from T-Mobile, which identified iPhone 5 as the carrier’s top-selling smartphone, with more than 17 percent of the total sales. It is widely expected that the recent release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will further enhance Apple’s share.

In another news, Apple has gone past Android’s sales in Japan. The California-based company has 48.6 percent of the smartphone shares in the country; whereas, Android stands at 47.4 percent shares.


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