See 1.2 Billion Facebook Profile Pictures in One View

See 1.2 Billion Facebook Profile Pictures in One View

Natalia Rojas, a popular computer and mobile application developer, has launched her new project ‘The Faces of Facebook’ which allows a user to see 1.2 billion pictures of the masses that comprise one of the best social networking websites of the world, Facebook.

In this app, profile photos of the Facebook users have been arranged in chronological order by when they first joined Facebook. The opening page of the app reveals a granular, technicolored screen displaying 1.2 billion profiles with photos. Profiles with no display image are not included in this list.

In order to focus on individual faces, a user can zoom in or click on a location icon in the top right of the graphic to link his Facebook account to the map as it will help him know where he is standing in the timeline of the Mark Zukerberg’s social media phenomenon.

As soon as you connect to the app, a status will be posted on your timeline, with your permission, showing where you are placed on the profile map. If you customized your profile with a name rather than sticking to the default numbering system, it will not show where your picture is located in the timeline itself.


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