The 4 Important Tech Algorithms


Algorithms are probably the most important part of tech. A good algorithm can even make a simple function look extremely good in a number of ways. Here are the 4 most important tech algorithms to date.

Google Pagerank

Without Google, people who use the internet will never be able to find what they want. Google search engine can be used to find anything on the internet. The Pagerank algorithm is one of the best of the world, simply because it rates pages according to quality. This helps you find good quality sites.

Public Key Cryptography

This is actually a set of algorithms and is used for all forms of security currently on the internet. The algorithm keeps data secure by giving an access key to only authorized people. That’s why no one can steal from credit cards easily.

Error Correction

Probably the best algorithm, it has been used a lot by CD players. Because CDs can get scratched easily, this algorithm fills in missing data while reading the disc.

Password Protection

Password protection is done by keeping passwords in hash code. Instead of plain text, passwords are stored as hashes. A password typed by a user is then compared to the database. If the password matches, user is granted access. In case a website is hacked, the hacker will find nothing but hash text in the database which is impossible to reverse engineer.

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