Mars Simulator and Simulation Game Tech Receives Attention


Simulation game tech and Mars simulators are getting popular day by day. NASA’s Game Changing Development program has resulted in more than a few simulation devices. A 3D virtual reality version of Mars has been developed by Jeff Norris who is the Mission Operations lead at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This virtual reality simulator may result in more realistic games in the future.

People will be able to be inside a game through their avatars. VR simulators are the next big thing in gaming. Many indie developers and mainstream companies have released several simulation titles that make this obvious. Games like F1 2012 and Skyrim have been optimized to use several simulation devices. People can wear headgear like Oculus Rift which lets them visually experience the game as if they were actually in it. Oculus Rift has a complete VR section and games, mainly released by Indie Developers which make use of its technology.

How simulation game tech changes the gaming industry mainly depends on how fast new tech can come out. Microsoft and Sony, leading the console games industry, have showed a continuous interest in using simulation tech devices. Oculus Rift is currently getting very popular, so gamers can expect a few big games to be released on it.

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