Twitter Introduces Two New Features for Advertisers

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In its efforts to make the service more viable for business organizations, Twitter, one of the leading social networking websites of the world, has introduced two new features for brands, which should help different companies promote their products and services more efficiently.

If you have been receiving too many direct messages in the inbox, do not panic as it is not a spam; in fact, Twitter has initiated a new feature which allows anyone who follows you to send you direct messages. However, business accounts are likely to receive more direct messages and personal users should remain undisturbed. This feature has been introduced primarily to help business get feedback from their customers, which should definitely help them enhance their products/services.

On top of that, the extremely popular social networking website has recently introduced a feature to allow brands and users, who are using Twitter’s advertising products, to schedule their tweets. A business can schedule tweets up to 12 months in advance using the blue Tweet button from the ‘Creatives’ tab in the top navigation bar next to Campaigns and Analytics or on the top right hand corner of the navigation bar at www.ads.twitter.com.

It needs to be remembered that Facebook has also taken a number of steps in recent times to gain the attention of advertisers.

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