Sony’s SmartWatch to Work With a Wide Range of Phones

Credit: CBS Interactive

Credit: CBS Interactive

Sony has revealed that the SmartWatch 2 is capable of working with a broad range of phones including Android Phones, and it will be sold in the US for $200.

The Japanese company is considered to be the leading name in the smartwatch field and taking into account the success of the initial model, this version should also gain the attention of smartwatch users in the US.

Sony is expected to face stiff competition from Samsung’s Galaxy Gear as well as from ‘Gem’, a smartwatch from Google which is expected to be launched later this month and may turn out to be a dark horse.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear does not work with any other phone apart from the company’s Galaxy Note 3 phone. On top of that, it costs $300, which means that cheaper price and compatibility with a wide range of phones should give Sony an edge over its competitors.

However, Sony’s SmartWatch will not allow users to make direct calls through the watch but they would be able to answer the incoming calls and users’ Bluetooth wireless headset must be linked to the phone.

The SmartWatch will allow users to perform a number of functions like checking their text messages, emails, receiving calendar reminders and the ability to like Facebook posts.


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