Five-O Poker App for iPhone Review


Five-O Poker is a simple Poker game which makes use of cool graphics and interesting game mechanics. Like most multiplayer poker games, Five-O Poker places you with a random opponent. You can play the game immediately after it is installed on your iPhone and unleash your Poker skills against players from all over the world. You can even add players to your friend’s list if you want and invite them to play the game with you.

Five-O Poker Presentation

The game uses sweet graphics and easy to understand design. The developers have added as much details on the cards as possible while keeping the user interface clean and easy to operate. It still feels like a Flash game and has some elements which some gamers might consider outdated. The UI still works very smoothly allowing you to play the game without any lag or glitches. The speed of your internet connection will have a direct impact on your overall gaming experience though.


The game is played with a mouse and relies on mouse clicks for move execution. You can select your move by a simple click of a button which makes the game very easy to play. You can also add more chips if you want by using real money if you run out or want to challenge bigger players.

As you win, you will get some bonuses which may help you challenge bigger players. You lose chips every time you lose a game but you always have a chance to win them back.


The game is a lot better than most other multiplayer poker games because of its good UI design. All the ingredients of the game work very well together, and it utilizes the full power of the iOS to enhance gameplay.


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