GTA V PC Torrent Scam Hits Gamers Hard


Popular Rockstar Games title, GTA V was recently released for Xbox 360 and PS3 but a recent malware scam has infected PC of many gamers worldwide who downloaded the game using a torrent for their PCs. Rockstar games hasn’t even announced a PC version of the game yet, but desperate gamers couldn’t hold back and let their PCs be infected by the malware present in the torrent.

The torrent seemed legitimate to thousands of gamers. Just recently, more than 614,000 gamers signed a petition at Change.org to port the game to PC which shows how desperate they are for the immensely popular games.

Most gaming networks predict the game will be released in early 2014, but the gamers who downloaded the scam version were obviously clueless about it. It fooled gamers because it appeared at the top of Google’s search engine results and connected more than 7000 users. The entire scam version took approximately 18.3 GB of hard drive space which was the first hint that this version was a scam as the Xbox 360 version only takes 7.7 GB. The second clue was that the only thing included was a setup.exe file which is highly unlikely for a game as big as this.


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