Android KitKat and all its Glory


The world has been waiting for the next version of Google’s Mobile Operating System and they can finally get it as Android KitKat hits the market. The changes mentioned in the update are not major, as most of them are simple improvements. Android Phones are used worldwide and according to the details I have, Google has paid attention to the feedback and the bug reports they got from customers.

The big change

Android KitKat has better memory management which eliminates the problem of fragmentation in the earlier versions of Android. The bad memory management was the major cause for slow devices and brought about all sorts of crashes and errors. KitKat will use 16% less memory than Jellybean which is a huge difference and will be efficient in terms of pixels by about 13%. Devices shipped with KitKat will be slightly faster and will offer more room for applications as they won’t use device resources a lot.

A few other notable changes

The OS will automatically prioritize your phonebook by determining which contacts are important to you. This will allow you to easily access them, and with the hangouts update your communication with them will be better organized. You will also be able to download print apps from Google Play and use them to print photos and webpages directly from your Android phone which is a huge plus. A minor change like being able to switch home screens is also worth mentioning.

Android KitKat promises to be more immersive than Jellybean if not outstandingly beautiful.


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