Tamron Aims for 150-600mm Telephoto Lens


The Sports and Wildlife photography has just gone better, as Tamron announces to add a 150x600mm lens to its product line. This advanced digital eye has the capability of 4x zoom, which will really assist in capturing distant objects.

The product is said to compatible with Sony, Nikon, and Canon SLR gadgets with full frames. In a point of fact, the recently introduced SP AF200-500mm from the same makers, did thrive to earn significant figures of profit, regardless of having issues with its zoom range and vibration compensation.

It can be assumed that this new attraction is a facelift to its antecedent lens. Although nothing has yet been heard from Saitama regarding the prices, analysts and experts are already speculating about it. However, it can surely be foretold that it will be offered at over $1000, as the previous one was just below this range.

Making a comparison to the lately conversed Canon EF 200-400 mm, Tamron though has a wider diameter, but lack in many other aspects.

Key specifications of this telephoto lens include almost 69 ounces of weight and a slight more than 10 inches of length. Its close-focus distance of 2.7m and three low-diffusion glass elements are the features worth of fervor.



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