BMW Relies on Carbon Fiber


BMW has always been known for its innovativeness, and this time, it is coming with a new one. The German automobile manufacturer has already shown its intentions to invest in the future of Carbon Fiber. The company is all set to become a pioneer in manufacturing cars made of carbon fiber instead of steel.

In the past few years, the targeted audience of BMW has shifted from a specific niche to the global marketplace, as growth opportunity in this industry is clearly visible. One the other hand, traditional rivals as well as new entrants are doing a splendid work to claim their piece of market share. At this point, considering the design, safety and future energy constraints at the same time, is a wise movement by the office at Munich.

BMW aims to integrate its version of Electric Car with the latest Carbon Fiber development. The company’s i3 electric car will be the first one to be massively produced largely of carbon fiber. The accomplishment in this project will help shifting 6 series, 7 series and models alike towards the similar production strategies.

Carbon fiber is a factory made material, thinner than a human hair and stronger than the steel. The costs of incorporating this new ingredient for building cars are off course higher than a conventional car’s budget. To overcome the high expenses and supplier discordancy, BMW partnered with SGL Carbon SE and formed a joint venture in 2009 for producing the fiber.

While talking of electric cars, Nissan’s Leaf is stated as the bestselling model of this type. However, once this product hit the roads, people will experience i3 20 percent less in weight than the Leaf. Its light weight will enable the car accelerate to a higher capacity.

BMW i3 has already debuted in Germany is expected to go global in the coming months.


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