‘Sickweather’ Alerts you About Incoming Sickness


Sickweather has started a versatile application for the iPhone (free, App Store) that will send a push notification to your iPhone when you enter a debilitated zone: regions close reports of ailment accumulated from social media. It’s the first application of its thought to power huge information from social media, plus Apple iOS’s geofencing and warning, advances, to serve health cautions.

When somebody openly posts ‘Urghh, I caught a cold ‘ on Twitter or Facebook, Sickweather qualifies that report utilizing a patent-pending process and after that plots it on a guide. The point when a Sickweather application client voyages close to that report (if they are dropping children off at school, voyaging for the occasions, or halting in their top choice spot for a glass of espresso) they will get a continuous alarm warning on their telephone cautioning them of their exposure to the cold bacteria.

How you perceive the data is dependent upon you, obviously. Graham Dodge, CEO & prime supporter of Sickweather, notes that the Sickweather application “could incite you to wash your hands, get an immunization, purchase pharmaceuticals, or take other preventive measures to support your resistant framework.” Dodge trusts that the ongoing cognizance created from his application will help diminish the spread of ailment and lessen the costs associated with healthcare.


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