Microsoft to Move Nokia from Espoo

Nokia House Espoo

Nokia House Espoo

A rumor was doing rounds that Microsoft is shifting the Nokia headquarters in Espoo and now it is confirmed that the company will move its business setup where one of its working branches is established, i.e. Nokia’s networking business.

Earlier, Nokia’s devices (mobile phones and other) and services were taken by Microsoft and the company suffered. However, this time Microsoft kicked out Nokia from its headquarters based in Espoo. The news is confirmed by Nokia’s spokesman that the rest of the Nokia’s business will be out of Espoo headquarters to make place for Microsoft. Nonetheless, the Nokia’s employees will remain with the company and move to Nokia’s new location – Finland.

Experts are terming the step taken by Microsoft as “practical”. Espoo HQ was put up in 1990s – Nokia’s peak time in mobile phone business. But now, Microsoft is on top, while Nokia seems to take a leap in the opposite direction. Even this week wasn’t fortunate enough for Nokia as its shareholders approved $7.4 billion transaction that will result in acquisition of Nokia’s devices (mobile phones and others) and its services by the giant, Microsoft.


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