Twitter Starts Using Forward Secrecy


In order to prevent any kind of spying by government agencies on its users, Twitter has decided to add another layer of protection to its website.

Twitter happens to be one of the most popular social networking websites of the globe, with millions of followers spread all across the world.

As per the reports of Tech Radar, the social networking website has started using a technology named Forward Secrecy in its bid to protect the data of its users. The same technology has been used some other web giants like Google in past, while Facebook, another popular social networking website, has also started to use it recently.

Through its official blog, Twitter revealed that it has started using Forward Secrecy and elaborated how it is actually used. It was mentioned in the blog that even if someone is recording the encrypted traffic of Twitter users and they go past the website’s private keys, they still cannot use those keys because of this technology. The latest encryption software will work for API Twitter as well as mobile Twitter.

Forward Secrecy is considered to be a reliable method of data protection by a number of security experts and some believe that it is securer than HTTPS.


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