A Better Android Camera Base for Even Better Photos


Google has dedicated its resources to bring a better camera experience for its users by rebuilding the Android camera base, which is likely to enhance the power of the camera apps and optimize the use of 2 high-end photographical features introduced by Google in Nexus 5.

Androids latest hardware abstraction layer (HAL) now supports raw image formats and burst photography mode according to spokeswoman Gina Scigliano. In addition to this, Google intends to release a developer API (Application Programming Interface) which will enable programmers from around the globe to use the abilities in their own software to improve the camera base of android phones. Google expects that this move will further improve their ground software and make the Google mobile OS more competitive in an already competitive market, which is likely to happen if the programmers tap the full data that Android makes available to them.

Why do we need software amplifications?

In modern day photography, hardware is just another piece of the larger puzzle a mobile giant has to assemble to create the perfect picture. Software such as light reduction and enhancement, noise reduction, the elimination of unwanted and unpleasant color casts, and combination of multiple photos into a single shot (burst mode) with a better balance of bright and dim areas play a crucial role in the production of a quality picture and all these utilities make software just as important as the hardware.

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