A Million Xbox One Sold in Less Than 24 Hours


The much awaited Xbox One has found its way to more than a million houses in the United States and Canada as well as 11 other countries on the first day of its release. Microsoft officials are pleased with the opening day sales of the console, equipped with the latest Kinect feature and promises to be everything that is required to complete your living room.

Sony’s new PlayStation 4, which was released on the 15th Nov, also sold out nearly a million consoles on the opening day and hence it is difficult to compare the two gaming giants at this point in time. Moreover, sales alone are not the only factor which decides the public’s demand when it comes to gaming consoles. It appears that both the PS3 and the Xbox One have surfaced with technical and hardware issues.

On the first day of release, a number of Xbox One users reported to have broken disc drives which hamper the ability to play games and watch movies. After some hours of silence, Microsoft was forced to address the glitch and formally acknowledge it. In a press statement, Microsoft revealed that a very small number of Xbox One customers are affected by the problem and are being personally contacted by the Xbox Giant for console replacement which seems to be the only fair compensation. Also, Xbox has gone one step ahead to please their unhappy customers by giving out a free launch game to the affected people.

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