China Mobile To Launch iPhone Along with 4G LTE Service Next Month


China is the largest market for mobile phone users around the globe and it also happens to be a market governed primarily by Samsung which has firm grasp of the Chinese consumers. Apple however expects these dynamics to change with the release of iPhone through the world’s largest wireless carrier, China Mobile.

Currently, iPhone is being distributed by China Unicom and China Telecom, but support from China Mobile would open up an extensive number of new customers for Apple. Although no official announcement has been made but speculations from a Xinhua report suggest that the iPhone will be officially launched by China Mobile on the 18th December 2013. This is an interesting development for the American based company after it has been successfully granted a government license to operate on China Mobile’s Network, which is currently home to around 760 million users from all across the world’s most populated country.

Last year the South-Korean Mobile Giant Samsung held 17.7 percent market share while Apple could only reach 11 percent which is far below the standard Apple set out when it first started its operations in China, but will new developments Apple hopes to increase this percentage and become the leading Mobile provider in China.

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