The World Gets Curious As Apple Buys The Company That Made Kinect


In a press statement Apple confirmed the purchase of PrimeSense, an Israeli-based 3D company, which specializes in sensors that let its users interact with stationary or mobile devices. This is the same company which is behind the Microsoft-Motion control system also known as the Kinect. Kinect is used for controller free gaming in Xbox 360 and now in the  the new Xbox One console and enables its users to use their bodies and voice to play video games.

The high profile purchase carried out by the American based company has fueled speculations and curiosity about what is going on behind the closed doors of the Apple industries. A few experts predict Apple’s latest acquisition to be related to the smartwatch the company has been working on, as well as the television products on which apple has been working on for years. PrimeSense could prove to be just the ingredient Apple was looking for to boost its motion sensing capabilities. So far, Apple has refused to discuss its plans for PrimeSense.

Although it is currently unofficial but the company has been reportedly purchased for a staggering amount of approximately $350-360 million.

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